Earn Unlimited Money With The SpeedHost Affiliate Program

Get commissions each time you refer a qualified customer/sign-up to SpeedHost!

The Affiliate program of SpeedHost is very simple. You can start in a quicker process – just refer us directly, or place ads on your website/blog or social media using custom banners and links. Each and every customer will sign-up following your words/links, you will get the instant 40% commissions of qualified sales. It is the most convenient affiliate method in our country. We will pay your commissions every week. It is risk-free and you can contact us to start at any time. 

The advantages of working with SpeedHost affiliate is that there is no setup cost of you. Similarly, you have nothing to invest in getting your commissions. Even you can start from social media or your authoritative blog. Our system will track your every referral and will add your commissions instantly. Is it not easy to begin today and earn unlimited money from anywhere in the world! 

Affiliate Program SpeedHost
Get 40% Commissions For Each Qualified Sign-Up To SpeedHost

How does it work?


First, contact the affiliate team to start affiliate with SpeedHost. Mention how do you want to promote or bring the new sign-up to us. Overall, we’ll ensure your new affiliate account with us. It needs maximum of 30 minutes to complete your account. 

Share your affiliate link

You will get the essential custom banner for your blog or website. Similarly, you can get attractive banner/content for social media. You will get it after accepting your sign-up. Start your campaign and earn as much as you can. There is no limitation. 

Get Your Commissions

After every successful new sign-up with SpeedHost following your link, you will get the commissions. We pay in every week in your mentioned bank account. Important to realize, you can check real-time reporting for your account. 

Why Become a SpeedHost Affiliate?

Unlimited Earning

SpeedHost offer the highest commissions for the affiliate marketer. You can earn as like your full-time income source. Our products quality and company reputation help to generate more customers that ensure more daily commission in your account. 

Regular Payouts

SpeedHost team process the affiliate commissions quickly and it helps to ensure regular payouts of your new sign-up. There is no problem how much do you earn, you will get a regular commission in your account. You can withdraw it at any time. 

Easy Setup

SpeedHost has made the affiliate program easier as if anyone can start it right now. It takes nearly 30 minutes to complete the whole process. The team will inform you when the account/link is complete to share and ready to track your commissions. 

24/7 Support

We ensure 24/7 support for the affiliate marketer. For any support or issues about our products or technical need, we are always ready to support you. We are available in the phone call, skype or email. You can also knock us at any time in the social media page/group of us. 

How do you join?

Getting started with the SpeedHost affiliate program is an easier and quicker process. First, you need to verify your identity and the purpose/location you want to promote.  Contact us for starting ASAP. Don’t forget to check the below FAQs to know the terms and conditions about the affiliate program of SpeedHost. You can also ask for custom quotes for generating more sales at a time. In general, the regular affiliate marketer can earn decent amount joining with us. 

Have Questions?

As a verified affiliate marketer of SpeedHost, if anyone sign-up in any of our hosting plans or buy any other digital services, you will get 40% of the amount, the clients will pay us. 

We may have a custom promotional offer, then you will get the exact 40% of the amount, the customers will pay us for taking the services. So, the commission will vary according to the package, services, and promotional offer. 

You can take your commissions in any valid bank/mobile bank account including bKash, Rocket, or BRAC Bank. It is very simple and we pay in every week for your commissions. 

  • You have no right to make any false sales with SpeedHost. 
  • You can’t over promote us with the unnecessary information. 
  • You can’t use any blackhat method for generating traffic on your website/blog. You can’t misguide anyone to increase the sales. 
  • You have to use gentle words for promoting the services. 
  • You have to follow the existing law of the country, otherwise, we are not liable for any activities of you.
  • For any support, contact only with the support team of SpeedHost, not any other group/page/individual/person. 
  • SpeedHost can ban your account at any time if you don’t follow the rules and regulations, terms and conditions of SpeedHost. 

Yes! We also support direct/words of mouth promotional campaign as like our affiliate program. But before starting your campaign you have to confirm us for tracking your sign-up. You will get all the facilities of an online marketer. For more information about it, you can contact our support team

You have to promote according to the pricing plans in our website. You can also promote according to the promotional offer of us, but you have no rights to deal with your own custom plans. Though you can contact our support team about your criteria, we will be happy to hear from you. 

A qualified sign -up is mentioned- the customers will buy and pay for any hosting/services/digital products of SpeedHost. If they only sign-up or contact with us without payment, the link will not be counted. So, we can tell it as the successful sign-up with SpeedHost following your link. 

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