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SMTP Server in Bangladesh

Our SMTP Server service is ideal for anyone who requires Reliable Email Delivery and Outbound SPAM Filtering, especially for Web Hosting Companies, Small or Large Companies, Startups, E-Commerce, Individuals and all others. We take responsibility for delivering your emails, keeping you peacefully sleep and without worry in traveling.

Why is our SMTP Server the best?

Full SMTP Relay Access

Integrate your E-Commerce Websites, Newsletters and any custom software using our SMTP servers to send your transactional emails or even standard, personal, or business emails.

Superior Email Deliverability

No more blacklists and emails go straight to the user’s inbox. Control the SPAM that is being sent from the MailChannels Cloud, set up alerts/monitors and even webhooks to automate any given tasks.

Affordable Packages

Our offers are very competitive, this is mainly due to having a high volume of emails processed by MailChannels. Overages are fair, and we always give you the flexibility to upgrade to the next tiers.

Ready to use Plugins

While we provide SMTP Relay access, we have ready-to-use plugins for WordPress. These will allow you to integrate SMTP Server in a matter of minutes. Not a fan of plugins? You can still integrate SMTP Server with any custom code.

MailChannels Cloud

All clients are provided access to MailChannels Cloud so you can monitor the spam activity occurring in your servers and even set up webhooks to perform automated tasks such as suspending a compromised client email account.

24x7 Support

We’re ready to answer your questions. You are also entitled to get support provided directly by our support team on 24/7.

SMTP Server Plans & Pricing


10.000 Emails per month

Overage: BDT 100 per 1000 emails

SMTP Relay Access

BDT 1600 /month

20.000 Emails per month

Overage: BDT 90 per 1000 emails

SMTP Relay Access

BDT 2400 /month

50.000 Emails per month

Overage: BDT 80 per 1000 emails

SMTP Relay Access

BDT 4000 /month

* Plans are billed according to the total of emails sent, not delivered, meaning flagged spam messages count towards your quota allocation. Please ensure you set up proper notifications/webhooks to avoid overages. Need custom volume emails? Feel free to contact us.

FAQs About SMTP Server

Q1: What is an SMTP server?

A1: SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, and an SMTP server is a computer program or service responsible for sending and routing outgoing email messages. It’s an essential component of the email infrastructure, ensuring your emails reach their intended recipients.

Q2: How does an SMTP server work?

A2: When you send an email, your email client or application communicates with an SMTP server to transfer the message. The SMTP server processes the email, routes it to the recipient’s SMTP server, and finally, the recipient’s email client retrieves the message for display.

Q3: What is the difference between SMTP and POP/IMAP servers?

A3: SMTP servers are responsible for sending emails, while POP (Post Office Protocol) and IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) servers are responsible for receiving and storing emails. SMTP is used for outgoing mail, and POP/IMAP is used for incoming mail.

Q4: What are the SMTP server settings I need to configure in my email client?

A4: The SMTP server settings typically include the server hostname or IP address, the port number (usually 25, 587, or 465), and your authentication credentials (username and password). Your email provider or host will provide these details.

Q5: Are there secure options for SMTP servers?

A5: Yes, there are secure options. SMTP servers can be configured to use SSL/TLS encryption for secure email transmission. Port 465 and Port 587 are commonly used for secure SMTP connections, ensuring that your emails are transmitted with encryption.

Q6: Can I use any SMTP server to send emails?

A6: Generally, you should use the SMTP server provided by your email service provider or hosting company. Using other SMTP servers might lead to issues with email delivery.

Q7: What is SMTP relay and why is it used?

A7: SMTP relay refers to the process of forwarding an email from one SMTP server to another for delivery. It’s often used when the sender’s SMTP server can’t directly deliver the email to the recipient’s server. SMTP relays are commonly used by businesses and email providers to ensure email delivery.

Q8: Are there limitations on the number of emails I can send through an SMTP server?

A8: Many SMTP servers impose sending limits to prevent spam. The limits can vary depending on the server and your email provider. If you need to send a large volume of emails, consider using a dedicated SMTP server or contact us for solutions.

Q9: What should I do if I encounter SMTP server issues or errors?

A9: If you encounter SMTP server issues or errors, check your server settings, username, and password. Ensure you have a working internet connection. If the problem persists, contact our support for assistance.

Q10: Can I run my own SMTP server?

A10: Yes, you can set up and run your own SMTP server. However, it requires technical expertise and maintenance to ensure proper operation. Running your own SMTP server is common for businesses and organizations that need more control over their email infrastructure. Be aware that you’ll also need to address security and anti-spam measures.