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Bulk SMS Service in Bangladesh

Speed Host is introducing the fastest, secure, reliable, and affordable bulk SMS service in Bangladesh. In general, it is a customer-friendly Bulk SMS solution that can understand your needs. The Bulk SMS Service of Speed Host ensures a dynamic SMS-based communication module to send customized messages to target local customers. To enrich your business, the Bulk SMS service of Speed Host will provide you with the best marketing tactics within a low budget and a bigger solution. You can use our Bulk SMS service for fulfilling multi-purpose needs, including Marketing SMS, Campaign SMS, Attendance SMS, Exam result SMS, Due payment reminder SMS, etc. 

With the growth of mobile or smartphones, communicating with the SMS method has gained popularity. It is no matter if you are a new or already established company, sending SMS is one of the best ways to reach new customers regularly. The stats show that marketing with SMS ensures more engagement than any other method of digital or traditional marketing. So, if you want an advanced solution for Bulk SMS service, you can try Speed Host secure API to improve the 20X growth of your business. 

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Unlimited Groups & Contacts

Create Unlimited Groups & Contacts

Customizable Sender ID

You can send SMS with your own customized sender ID

Long SMS Support

Send SMS of upto 750 characters (160 characters per SMS credit)*

Developer API

You can easily integrate with your Application

Multiple Gateway Backup System

We have multiple gateway backup system for smooth delivery

Send SMS from Desktop & Mobile

You can send SMS from Desktop, Mobile & Tab

SMS Marketing Package Price

Masking SMS Package



1,000 - 4,999

0.65 taka

5,000 - 19,999

0.60 taka

20,000 - 49,999

0.58 taka


0.55 taka

Non-Masking SMS Package



1,000 - 4,999

0.40 taka

5,000 - 19,999

0.35 taka

20,000 - 49,999

0.32 taka


0.30 taka


  1. We support a long SMS format of up to 750 character 
  2. You can create Unlimited Groups & Contacts
  3. We have multiple gateway backup systems for smooth delivery
  4. You can send SMS with your own customized sender ID
  5. Our developer API helps you to get an easier solution.
  6. You will get delivery reports.
  7. It will support Bangla SMS. 
  8. You will get a Personalized SMS/Templated SMS environment.
  9. Up-to-date technology. 
  10. Hassle-Free Online Billing System.

There are a lot of benefits to doing SMS Marketing. 

  • SMS Marketing generates new clients. 
  • Cost-effective method of marketing.
  • A professional way to communicate with the customers.
  • 21st Century Smart Marketing Tactics. 
  • There is no extra cost and waste. 
  • Ensures instant delivery, so increases sales. 
  • Improves gross profit margins. 

Masking SMS refers to a more recognizable message format with a Customizable Sender ID. On the other hand, the non-masking is less recognizable without a customizable sender ID. 

You can send the long form of SMS using Speed Host Bulk SMS service. In general, you can send 160 characters and it can be up to 750 characters. It is important to realize, that the per SMS credit will be for 160 characters. 

Yes! Speed Host offers SMS delivery reports.