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Email Marketing in Bangladesh

Email is the most reliable communication method in the modern world. Though we can’t deny the impact of spam email, it is the most trustable communication way in this digital era. At the same time, it is very known that email increases the CTR and helps to manage CRM. With this in mind, Email Marketing helps to connect with the audience easily as well as supports promoting your services in a well-crafted message. In general, you can do a lot of tasks using the email marketing method including sharing the news, selling the products, and telling the story. Some of the marketers describe, with the growth of social media email is not performing as like before. But the real-time stats show that when 95% of internet users are using email for everyday needs, only 60% are involved in social media. 

So, what is email marketing? In particular, it is the way of promoting your services or products using email and sending your desired marketing words as well as a call to action. In the broad sense, Email Marketing is one kind of relation buildup strategy among the subscribers and potential customers. it is one of the methods of internet marketing. The two amazing advantages of email marketing are price and easiness. That means it takes lower prices and the process is very simple and straightforward. Another key point is, email promotional words can be easily optimized for all the device sizes. So, it works very well on mobile phones and tablets as well. A recent statistics express that more than half of the email is opened by the smartphone. For this reason, email marketing performs very well.

Why Email Marketing?



  • 20,000 Email Sending Monthly
  • LIVE Delivery Report
  • LIVE Email Open Report
  • Free Software & Training*
  • BDT 600/month


  • 50,000 Email Sending Monthly
  • LIVE Delivery Report
  • LIVE Email Open Report
  • Free Software & Training*
  • BDT 1200/month


  • 1,00,000 Email Sending Monthly
  • LIVE Delivery Report
  • LIVE Email Open Report
  • Free Software & Training*
  • BDT 2000/month

Email Marketing FAQs

No, Never. It is not good for your brand reputation. On the other hand, it creates a bad impression about you and your company. Because, they do not know you, even not shared their information to you. For this reason, if you send them promotional message (Most of them will go to the spam folder), they will be bored and will take your brand as the worst identity in their list. 

The email marketing success depends on your reliable list of email. So, how can you grow the email marketing list? The best option is collecting through your website and blog. You will get the visitors who are interested to hear from you. So, it is easier to convert them into your targeted sales. But if you send email buying a list from others it will create a bad impression among the users. For this reason, do the process accurately and grow your email list for promoting your services. 

It is an important phase for getting success in your email campaign. First of all, you have to choose an option for not going in a broad message. Keep it short and simple, add some catchy call-to-actions to attract them. Some of the marketers tell plain text email works better than HTML formatted email. It is also true that HTML formatted email can increase the CTR. So, we recommend to use both of the methods for getting maximum benefits. 

Unfortunately, it is tough to explain. Most of the cases, it depends on the subscribers land, preferences and age of them. For this reason, We’ll suggest to try a different time and day. Then analyze the stats and find out your perfect day and time. Hope you have realized the matter. 

It is an amazing method of getting the ideas about your audiences, the best times, day or preferences. According to the email template, you can understand the preferences of your audience. It is very amazing to make your email marketing campaign successful. In general, you should work following the metrics – Subject Titles, Email Message Type, Column of the Message, Call-to-action, Images, Headline, Time/Day. 

In general, it is not an easy task, but it helps to drive massive traffics. The best way to understand success is by analyzing the previous statistics. You can define it by analyzing the open rate, Click Through Rate (CTR), and Unsubscribes stats. 

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