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Privacy Policy Of SpeedHost Bangladesh

Your privacy is always important to us.

Speedhost Bangladesh is located at:

Address: AMM Tower, Kha 215, Level-4, Merul Badda, Dhaka 1212
Phone: 01928910533

It is the privacy policy statement of SpeedHost Bangladesh, to protect your privacy regarding the information you provide us or we may collect while browsing or using our website. Here the Privacy Policy will be applied to SpeedHost Bangladesh and the URL- (In the website, the word “us”, “we”, “the authority” or “” will be the official announcement of SpeedHost). We respect the privacy of our users and are committed to protecting “Personally Identifiable Information” you need to provide us when taking our services through the Website. We have published this privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”) page to interpret what information we may collect from our Website, and how we use/protect the confidential information. We will also express, under what circumstances, we are liable or may disclose the information to certain legal authorities or third parties. This Privacy Policy will be applicable to the information we collect through the signing up process on our Website. Important to realize, it will not be applicable which information we’ll collect from other sources or third parties.

This Privacy Policy, alongside the Terms and conditions published on our Website, with the general usage, rules, and policies will point and advice the fair policy of using our Website. Most of the time, considering your actions when operating/visiting/using our Website, it may need/require to agree on with the additional privacy policy and terms and conditions.

What Types Of Information Our Website May Collect

At the SpeedHost Bangladesh website, like most other website operators, we collect non-personally-identifying information which is available by the browsers and make the website server collectible, For example, the browser type you are visiting, your language preference, what website referred you, and the date and time of your each visiting to our website. In general, all the websites collect it for general purposes only to understand your devices, location or preferences. Accordingly, the purpose of collecting the non-personally identification information by Speedhost Bangladesh is to better understand the visitor’s experience within our website. From time to time, Speedhost Bangladesh analysis the user experience for ensuring better user experience with our website and we may release the data of non-personally identifiable information as a report within our technical management team to update/collaborate our website, otherwise, we delete the data after a certain period permanently.

As like others, We, Speedhost Bangladesh also collects potentially personally-identifying information, For Example, Internet Protocol (IP) addresses for sign in users and the users who are making comments on SpeedHost Bangladesh blog posts. Speedhost Bangladesh will only disclose the signed in user and commenting users IP addresses when the circumstances will be for the govt. authorized notice for personally-identifying information. For better understanding, we inspire to check the below-described areas.

When Collecting Personally-Identifying Information

When the visitors of SpeedHost Bangladesh choose the reliable services of us, buying hosting or taking any digital services, it requires to provide some general personally-identifying information to use, pay or interacting with the services. We always protect these types of information as like mentioned in the below. Similarly, we also collect some information only to provide the service smoothly. For example, when visitors want to get a regular update from our blog or want to know our promotional offer, then they sign up with a username and email address to get the services.

Security For Transaction Or Other Data

To protect the information, we take all the necessary steps as the most popular website. We use the most secure US data center and our website is encrypted with an extra layer to secure the data when communicating with our servers. In this case, our method of communication is 100% secure. Similarly, when making payment with us, we ensure an encrypted transaction between the payment servers and the user’s browsers. For this reason, it is completely secure and verified. If you do not store the credit card or online account information in your PC which is not secure (It is your matter), there are no chances to lose any data when interacting with us.

Advertisements (if)

Ads which is appeared on our website, are not controlled by SpeedHost Bangladesh. It is an automated process which is displayed according to your preference. For knowing your preference, the online advertisement agencies collect your cookies information from your browsers, which is acceptable by any browsers and even safe. It depends on your choice of visiting on your browsers, there are no controls of us. In general, it is targeted which your most interest and provided according to the cookies different website collects from your browsers. So, SpeedHost Bangladesh is not related to these matters. Though we also use cookies which is only for enriching your user-experience.

Links To External Sites

For increasing the collaboration or to give you a close example, we use links from external sites. The third parties link is not controlled by us, we do not operate the website as well. For this reason, we strongly advice when following any links from our website to review the Privacy Policy And Terms And Conditions when using or taking any service from them. We have no control over the third parties and we are not responsible for the services, products or content practices on the third party websites. It is true, the pointing links we add is for increasing the value of your reading.

Information About Statistics

This statistics, survey or live Q/A sessions is performed by the SpeedHost Bangladesh operates for knowing your preference or collecting your inquisitive data which will not contain any personally identifying information. We may publish the results of the stats, survey or sessions with a public post or status. But it contains the results only, not any of your personally-identifying information.

Cookies We Use

SpeedHost Bangladesh uses “Cookies” to enrich your online experience and providing related services, content as well as ads according to your interest. In particular, it is safe and enhances your browsing performance on your computer as well as browser.

A cookie is a small piece of data which is stored in the visitor’s computers and when the visitors return again on the website, the browsers can perform the according to the record and activity. SpeedHost Bangladesh also uses cookies for storing the user’s data on the user’s browsers to identify and track the performance of visitors. Happy to say, SpeedHost does not impose any visitors to keep/use the cookies of SpeedHost Bangladesh, as they can browse the website refusing the cookies. Surely it will fail to function certain features on the user’s computer. By all means, the cookies of SpeedHost Bangladesh is secure as well as verified for ensuring better performance of our website on your computer.

When you continue using our website ( in your computer without changing the setting on your browser to refuse the cookies, you are hereby will declare that you agree and accept the cookies of SpeedHost Bangladesh.

Changes Of Privacy Policy

With the changes of technology and upgradation of our services, SpeedHost Bangladesh may change/update/add some information on Privacy Policy with the passes of time. Of course, SpeedHost Bangladesh reserve the right to change or add any new policy. We encourage our respected users/visitors/customers to check when taking/using service or browsing our website. Surely, all the changes will not hamper your browsing experience, rather will ensure more security. If we bring any major updates, we will inform all the customers with the post into our social media or blog.

Contact For More Update

This privacy policy is up to date and if you have any query regarding our services or privacy policy, you can contact us at any time. We encourage to contact us following the above options or using our contact page. Surely you can join, ask, share your opinions using our social media.

Updated: August 2019

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