Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Without the services of the search engines our websites may be seen by just a handful of people. Every popular search engine has its own terms on how they rank a particular website or a page within the site. Webmasters and web service providers keep constant track of the ever changing algorithms so that they can help the websites they are servicing to perform at optimal levels. Though Google is the most popular search engine around the globe, we cannot afford to ignore the others because, as website owners, we have no knowledge about specific customer/demographic preferences.

Search Engine Optimization is an integral part of our web promotion services. A host of methods and tools are employed in ensuring that almost every popular search engine across the digital world finds your website and lists it on the first page. This is an essential measure to ensure that your website receives continuous targeted traffic. 

These are the key points includes to optimizing your website:

  • Develop keyword density in links
  • Images optimization
  • Spell Checking for all the WebPages
  • Load Time Monitoring & Reporting
  • Link Popularity development
  • HTML Validation Checking
  • Browser Compatibility checking
  • Keyword Density maintenance
  • Backlinks Development
  • Creation of Optimized Robots.txt File
  • Work on meta tag with googlebot
  • Bloging for develop link popularity
  • Link Reputation Analysis
  • Linking Strategy and Management
  • Link Management
  • PPC Management
  • Pay for Placement
  • Organic Search Engine Optimization
  • Blogs Development
  • Internet Marketing

Cost & Estimate Time

Cost: 12000/Month

Estimate Time: Minimum 6 Month for 1 to 3 pages

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