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Youtube Marketing

Video Content is one of the effective content marketing ways in recent time. YouTube is the largest Video sharing site all over the world since 2005. As a proud Google company, YouTube is getting popularity so fast than any other social media nowadays. Can you imagine, on average 100 Million videos are watched every day on YouTube? According to the traffic source, YouTube has owned the place of second largest video sharing social media. YouTube has near about 2 Billion logged-in active users every month. Surprisingly, YouTube has more than 50 Million regular content creators and they are uploading 65k+ new videos every day. 

Are you looking for alternative ways of promoting your online business? For the increasing amount of daily traffic, YouTube can be your favorite choice. You will be surprised that every 8 of 10 internet users are using YouTube. That’s how YouTube has grown as one of the incredibly powerful marketing tools. It is told that nearly 95% of the world population are using the YouTube platform. It is one of the great success for any internet-based company. Anyhow, as an online startup, or traditional businessman you can take the opportunities of YouTube for promoting your business and reaching to the most targeted customers. 

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Types Of Marketing Videos

There are different types of video content for establishing your brand and promoting your services or products. It is important to bring variations in your content for targeting various types of visitors. Another key point is consistency. It helps to increase engagement as well as converting the traffic into sales. Let’s point out some types of promotional video content.  

1. List Style Content: For highlighting the list of any content is outlined as list style content. For example, Top 10 Best Hosting Company or 7 clever steps to do for YouTube Marketing. These type of video can be outstanding for attracting visitors. 

2. How-To Videos: Providing the solutions of any matter is explained with How-To videos. It helps to drive the targeted traffic from social media or blog post. For example, How to Travel “New York City”, How to learn Computer Programming. 

3. Behind-the-scenes videos: As a service provider you have a lot of tasks which is unknown among the users. You can make the videos what you do in the back-end to process or method to drive the visitors. 

4. Product Videos or Promotional Content: Video is a great way of showcasing your product and services. You can focus on the features or new updates of any products. At the same time, you can attract visitors by announcing new offers. 

5. Case Studies: It is a great way of promoting your services or products. You can create videos of your client – with their feedback, why they are using this product/service or how they have solved their problems. It helps to improve your brand visibility. 

6. Interviews: Interviewing is a significant way of attracting new viewers. It is done by the social influencers or experts on your niche. These people have their own fan and followers. You can drive a lot of new traffic from them. 

7. Social Awareness: The video which creates social awareness, helps to drive new traffic. It gets maximum engagement. For this reason, it can enhance your brand visibility. Similarly, it is your social responsibility as well. 

Supercharge Your Marketing With YouTube

Your YouTube presence can be an educational resource, a brand builder, or both. Whether you have commercials, how-tos, “about us” videos, or slideshows, YouTube is prime real estate for getting your videos found. Since it is owned by Google, videos are often displayed among its search results; and you’ll only maximize your visibility by investing in video optimization and marketing on your YouTube channel.

At SpeedHost Bangladesh, we work with you to develop a YouTube strategy that will ensure your productions appear more prominently in YouTube search results. Already, our service has got popularity among startups. Make a consultation with us for the planning of your video content. 

How To Grow Your Channel

Growing your channel is not an easy task in this day. But without getting the subscribers or improving the loyal visitors, it is tough to grow or promote your business. For this reason, you have to grow your channel for driving maximum sales using your channel.

Step – 1: Make Catchy Titles of The Videos, Step – 2: Create Attractive Video Thumbnail, Step – 3: Try to keep the video around 5 Minutes, Step – 4: Act as like a brand with your channel, Step – 5: Include efficient Call-To-Actions among the YouTube videos, Step – 6: Share The Video in the Social Media and Group, Step – 7: Work with other YouTuber to spread the message of your channel. 

How Do We Do It?

We’ll create a YouTube channel that’s designed to closely match the look of your website

Titles and descriptions will be specially crafted around desirable keywords for video optimization

We’ll add a custom, embeddable YouTube button to your website that directs traffic to your channel

YouTube Marketing Strategy

When you are ready to promote your business using YouTube, you have to follow the below steps to start marketing. It is verified and our team adds more value here. Our main priority in the YouTube Marketing service is ensuring the new followers in your channel.  Let’s see the steps at a glance. 

Step – 1: Create a YouTube Channel, Step – 2: Learn More About Your Audience, Step – 3: Research Your Competition, Step – 4: Acquire Strategy From Other Channel, Step – 5: Optimize The Video For SEO, Step – 6: Optimize Your Channel To Attract the Visitors, Step – 7: Upload High-Quality and Informative Videos Regularly. 

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