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Domain Reseller in Bangladesh

Do you want to enter the domain name business? In that case, the easiest way is to work as a domain name reseller. Let’s see what is called domain reseller and how the domain reseller business is most profitable?

Domain resellers usually buy domain names at cheaper prices and then sell them at higher prices for profit. In a word, domain reselling is to buy one or more domains and resell them at higher prices for profit. In particular, these domains have just expired.

Do you dream of providing others with domain names and web hosting in your own brand name? Yes, the dream will come true now. To fulfill your dream, Speed Host has brought a reseller account facility. Not just a dream come true, it can turn into your own business. So let’s become a domain reseller and start a business with us. Signup Reseller Program Now.

What is a Domain Reseller Account?

Just like a web hosting reseller, as a domain reseller, you can buy and sell domain names using your own brand or logo. You can buy and sell these domains directly from the domain registrar as a domain registration service provider.

Domain reseller accounts, like web hosting resellers, are used as a means of buying and selling domains. You can renew the registration of any domain through the Domain Reseller panel. This account also allows you to create customer accounts under your control, provide passwords to customers, and provide a domain control panel to customers. This way, you can manage your domain registration and hosting business individually.

If you say why domain reseller business is profitable, We will tell only TWO reasons.

First, you get the domain at the lowest possible price. If you want to buy a lot of domain names like many IT professionals, the easiest and best way is to sign up for the domain at the best price with a domain reseller.

Secondly, make money by doing business! With a little effort, you can easily earn $300 to $500 per month. There are even many small domain resellers in the world who make thousands of dollars selling domains every month. In addition, with domain reselling you can offer domain registration, hosting sales such as shared hosting, dedicated server hosting, cloud hosting, databases maintaining, email hosting, digital marketing or technical training. Which can turn into a big company if you become proficient over time.

Domain reselling businesses will receive a specific commission from each new domain sale. The funny thing is that how much money you sell the domain will depend entirely on you. So domain reselling can be one of the best ways to do business independently.

Why do you choose our domain reseller package?

The primary purpose of the domain reseller and web hosting service is to provide quality web hosting, domain registration services and super friendly support at the customer level at affordable prices. In the Domain Reseller system, you will find the powerful Domain Manager Control Panel. You can start selling domains for your customers with instant activation. This offer is for a limited time. So grab your offer now without delay.

Let’s check the main features of our domain reseller program in Bangladesh.

  • Reseller Account Setup (with Payment). Complete billing system for your customers and resellers. You can easily configure your own billing portal through our API system.
  • Lifetime Account Balance Active will never expire.
  • Full control & management as a domain service provider like any popular domain provider. Control your customer’s domains from our feature-rich admin panel.
  • You can also connect online payment process if you have a credit card merchant account.
  • You can add prices separately for your customers and resellers.
  • Domain Management – Full control including lock, transfer, WHOIS editing, etc. We provide a complete reseller platform through which you can manage the domain of your customer. Manage, sell, and customize your customer’s domain by logging into our reseller admin panel with full control.
  • Custom & automated email management for clients.
  • An easily configurable commercial website with your domain reseller account. Your customers and resellers can automatically signup or login from your site. This is the domain search and signup control panel for your customers that you get for free with Domain Reseller.
  • You will also get the sub-reseller selling facility, set your own domain price here for your customer.
  • Protect the privacy of your clients, keep them away from spammers and protect the whois.
  • Full-time technical support and there is no hidden cost. Start your own branding by signing up for free with our domain reseller today.

Why do you choose Speed Host for Domain Name Reseller Business?

Why do you take domain reseller service from Speed Host? You will be happy to hear that we are the country’s trusted domain reseller service provider. We are also been a trusted provider for domain registration, hosting services, VPS, email hosting, Bulk SMS service, and dedicated servers in the IT sector of Bangladesh since 2010.

Apart from this, the domain name you take from us is easily manageable. We provide you with an easy control panel to manage your customer’s domain. At the same time, you will get a full control panel from us. It is unbelievable, but 100% true. We give you complete freedom to control the domain. As well as the convenience of the easy domain transfer. We offer you a complete automation system through which you can sell domain hosting from your own site.

Important to realize, Speed Host offers easy domain transfer control panel for our customer. That means you can easily transfer from another company to our company by using our control panel. Need to mention, we provide dedicated 24/7 customer support. There is a 24/7 friendly customer support system. Problems understanding anything? Get a ticket and get immediate support from us.

Need help deciding?

Do you need more information? Problems understanding anything? We are waiting for you! Contact our dedicated support team at any time and start selling your own company’s domain today with our Domain Reseller Service. Take the private label control panel from Speed Host. Be your own boss!

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