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7 Simple Steps to Deal With Google Rankbrain

Google RankBrain

Google is dedicated to provide the best information for the users. On the other hand, the marketers are using their tactics to deal with Google for showing their content in the first page of Google. Here, Google has implemented AI (Artificial Intelligence) recently which is also known as Rankbrain to filter the good and bad content and trying to show the most relevant results on the SERPs. Important to realize, Google Rankbrain is being considered as the 3rd major ranking factors (First, Quality Content and Second, Editorial Backlinks).

In this case, if you want to rank your page on Google, you will need to deal with Rankbrain, and your complete SEO efforts will define who is the actual webmaster. Accordingly, Google is taking the CTR (Click Through Rate) and Dwell Time into consideration for ranking a page. If you want to outrank your content to get the highest position on Google according to the Rankbrain, you can simply follow these seven simple steps.

Simple Steps to Deal With Google Rankbrain

According to Search Engine Journal, Google releases different types of algorithm in every year or month, but Rankbrain is the mostly efficient discovery. Hopefully the reason is AI (Artificial Intelligence). Because Google as one of the unrivaled search engine is always trying to do everything following the human psychology to be better than everyone or everything of the same type. So, let’s take a close attention to deal with the rankbrain for our upcoming projects to be incomparable in our industry. 

1. Create Attractive Titles

When you want to increase the CTR according to Rankbrain, the first step is creating attractive Titles. You can do it by adding the numbers, Percentage, Year and Brackets word. Do not forget to keep it natural. At the same time, always use the keyword and promise to solve the problem of the users.

2. Write Eye-Catching Meta Description

In the previous days, Google permits only 120 words in the Meta. Now it is showing the 250+ Characters in the Meta Description. So, this is the excellent opportunity to impress the users with reading the content. Here you have to add related terms to your keywords. Use the exact match keywords one time and add the call to actions words also. Surely, you have to provide the words with natural ways and remember the users are very smart.

3. Catch the Attention with the First Impression

Researchers believe the first impression is essential when desiring to catch the attention fully of the users and it is very tough for a writer. For doing this, write the first paragraph with your hard efforts. Keep it short and add the words what the users are looking actually. Describe why they will get the right solution from here. Be creative thinking yourself as a user. Never forget to increase the loading time of the page and use the visual content to make it authoritative.

4. Create Table of The Content

It works like magic. When the users are impressed with the titles, Meta, and the first paragraph of the content, now if they get an overview or table of the content, they will be 100% sure they are in the right place, and they will be assured they will get their solution. For this reason, try to keep the Table of the Content before starting the first heading or content. Always keep the overview with a bullet point and as simple as you can.

5. A clear voice and Maintain the Quality

The content will be in a clear voice of the problem or review. You have to provide the exact solution as well as you will recommend one product when writing the review. Your content is the inspiration, and the users come to remove their confusion. Another key point, keep attention on the content quality. If you write with complexity, the users will not get the solution easily. For this reason, keep it grammatically right, Smooth and with the easy words.

6. Increase UI and UX of the sites

Take the advantages of User Interface and try to attract the users with the great UI. Add attractive image which is related to the content. Try to add video as well to keep them engaged. Don’t do anything which does not go with the terms they are looking. Furthermore, UX (User Experience) is also essential to make the users happy. Keep it minimal with easy navigation. Never forget the mobile users to get more leads. Additionally, 60% of the users are coming from the mobile device, and they are very targeted.

7. Attach Related Link

Whenever the readers complete the article, they want something related words which will add value. If you can add the links to the associated terms from your website, it will be very targeted. The users will take you as the expert on the topics. At the same time, add similar terms from another website. It likes Google to justify your keyword. So, attack the related link where you can, and you think it will provide value to the users.

So…Say Hi! to Rankbrain

It’s clear that Google is working day and night to make the Rankbrain efficient to the users. It’s the right time for boosting your website by considering the above things. If you are conscious about the Google Rankbrain updates, share your thoughts in the comment section. Surely, experts are waiting to add value to you. To get any further information or fast and reliable hosting service, contact with SpeedHost



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