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All You Need To Know About SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate

What is SSL Certificate?

SSL is an acronym for Secured Socket Layer. It verifies security for a Website. SSL Certificate is an essential element for a Website owner who collects information from its users. It encrypts data between the Website and User’s communication. Sensitive data like password, credit card information etc should be encrypted so that no 3rd party can access this information. To ensure this facility, a Website Manager needs to install the SSL Certificate.

How does SSL Works?

Naturally, your website runs on a HTTP protocol which means Hyper Text Transfer Protocol. In order to make your site secured, your website is redirected to HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secured) protocol when SSL is activated. 4 things happen when a visitor visits your website:

  1. The browser visits the website and starts an SSL handshake.
  2. The browser inspects if the website is secured.
  3. Perform the Encryption and Decryption during SSL handshake.
  4. The browser confirms that the site is secured and creates a session key for the user.

 Why do you need SSL Certificate?

If your Website is secured, your customers will want to buy from you. Or the visitors will not hesitate to share information with your website. If your website is activated with SSL, it will show a lock beside your URL just like the Screenshot below. Your audience will understand by it that the site is secured. Otherwise, it will show “Not Secured” which is very unprofessional to run a business. Besides, most of your visitors will not want to share information with you if it says it is not secured! It doesn’t give a good vibe at all.


SSL SecuredNot SLL Secured


How to Add SSL Certificate in your Website

If you have a WordPress Website, then it is very easy to activate SSL. You just need to install “Really Simple SSL” plugin. Then activate it and enable everything from Settings to forward http to https. Don’t forget to save your changes. Boom! After reloading, you will then see your website is verified. A lock will be shown beside your website URL. Most of the Web Hosting providers keep this facility for free. But some may charge you to activate SSL.

You would be delighted to know that SpeedHost offers FREE SSL to all its customers. Follow these simple steps to add SSL in your website.


Add Plugin

SSL Plugin

SSL Settings


On the other hand, if your website isn’t operated by WordPress, or simply if you have an HTML site, then you can make this transition by logging into your cPanel. After logging in, go to the “Domain” section and click on “Domains”. It will take you to another page. Next, just turn on the “Force HTTPS Redirect” button. That’s all. You have successfully migrated your site to HTTPS which means you have activated SSL.

To understand this process easily, you can watch this Video Tutorial.

If you want to grab in-depth knowledge about SSL and want to purchase SSL with higher security, then click here.






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