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5 Easiest Ways To Keep Backup Your WordPress Site Manually!!

ways to backup wordpress

Hi, Our today’s mission in Speed Host is knowing how to keep backup WordPress website manually. Mainly, we will learn 5 easiest and reliable ways about keeping backup.

We have seen it is not easier to backup your site. To stay safe when you are in danger, a backup version can help you to restore your site again. Similarly, when you lose your site or want to change something, it can cause harm. Staying out of danger from losing your important data, backing up your website is the most reliable way. At the same time, you can stay hassle-free.

Obviously, it is a good practice and must need for every webmaster to stay unharmed.

I have a terrible story regarding data loss.

Last year, I was working on the backend of my personal WordPress website. I wanted to update/add some code on functions.php. Mistakenly, I deleted some important code when adding the code. For this reason, it was showing an error when saving and loading the website. I tried and tried to go back to the previous level but unable. I was thinking that I had no backup and there was no possibility to restore my site again.

Suddenly, I remembered that most reliable hosting companies like Speed Host keep backup of their sites. So, I made a support ticket to them and hopefully, they gave me positive feedback. I got back my site in the previous stage. Though I had to do some more works. But I was happy.

After then, I tried to get a solution of this problem. And started to get ideas. Need to mention, keeping backup of your site is the most reliable and easiest way to stay on the safe side always.

Now, I keep a regular backup of my sites.

Are you confused about how to keep backup of your WP sites like me and struggling to find out the easiest method? 

Then I can assure you are in the right place. With experience on hundreds of websites, I have got solution of keeping backup. In this post, I will share all the easiest ways. And sorry for talking a lot before going to the main article. I think it was necessary.

wordpress backup manual

So, let’s start now to learn how to keep backup and some essential FAQs regarding backup.

Why manual backup is BETTER: 

Generally, a manual backup is more reliable as you are taking all the files, databases and media carefully. You know where you are keeping all the data. So, of course, it is better.

We have to keep in mind that due to hacking or server crash, we face data loss. Similarly, when we are updating our website or editing core WordPress installation, it may create critical issues. It can also lose your data.

In this case, keeping a manual backup is a must need. Doing it regularly is a good practice.

So, to protect your unlimited assets, keep a manual backup, which is reliable is better. There is no chance of losing data if you take manual backup.

Should you depend on your Hosting Company for Backup: 

It is good that the renowned hosting company keeps a backup on a regular basis of your website. But I will tell, as they need to maintain thousands of websites in their server, you are not sure where may cause issues. Obviously, you can keep faith in your hosting company. I will tell they are your supporting agency who keeps a backup for you. But to stay on the safe side, you should keep your backup at your place. It is worry-free and will give you extra protection. Why will you depend on others all the time when you are keeping a million dollars business in a place? I think you have realized the matter. I have no need to explain it further.

Why it is a must-need to keep backup: 

I think you have already understood why it is necessary to keep a backup of your dream website. To make it more clear, I have just made some points to draw your attention. It will give you a detailed view about the necessity of backup. Let’s check it now.

  • Anytime accidents can happen, cause we are human. So, backup is the solution.
  • No exact time of getting hacked of your website. The enemy are always active. So, be prepared all the time.
  • We may not depend on our computers. It may crash also.
  • Backing Up helps to reverse problems during updates of website or plugins.
  • It prevents the loss of data. It is your resource.
  • You may stay worry-free from Malware issues or other virus attacks.
  • Easy to migrate web hosts when necessary.
  • Ensure strong security protections
  • No tension of losing revenue system
  • You are professional, so why not extreme protection.

Those who are new face data loss mostly. So, before facing the problems, it is good practice to stay aware. A small delay can cause you hours of work. Even you may not back the previous data at all.

5 Easiest Ways To Keep Backup WordPress Site Manually:

I have tested dozens of methods including free/premium software, plugins, scripts or hosting software to backup my websites. Each time, I tried to find out the easiest ways. I may share some other tactics including using plugins or premium services of keeping backup. Here, I will just present the five Easiest Method that keeps a manual backup of your WP website. Let’s check it carefully and I will request you to follow all the steps with me checking the screenshot also.

1. Backup WordPress Database Using phpMyAdmin:

Firstly, I think keeping backup all of your important database files using phpMyAdmin is straightforward. It is a time-saving process. It is open-source software. So, taking database table backup is perfect with phpMyAdmin. With WordPress, you will get this software freely as preinstalled. It is another plus.

Let’s check the important steps of keeping backup using phpMyAdmin.

  • First, login in to your webhost’s cPanel using username and password. Then you will get phpMyAdmin as a shortcut in the dashboard (See the below screenshot). If you don’t see phpMyAdmin in the shortcut sections, you can just search from the above section to find it easily. Now click on the icon to open it.

backup using phpMyAdmin

  • In the new window/tab, it will open the phpMyAdmin. From here, you will get a menu area and find out the Export menu and click on it.

Export - Backup Website

  • If you do not understand, you can export with the default quick setup. Otherwise, if you want to export a specific data table or want to exclude some less important table, you can do it also. You will get all your table here and do it carefully.

export WordPress Backup Database

  • Now, click on GO to start exporting or backing up your database.
  • You will see some unnecessary tables, exclude it from exporting. Some plugins create an automatic table which may not be necessary for you.
  • When you are exporting you will see saving options. By default, you may see saving as text. But you should save it save as a file or similar options. Check it carefully.
  • Now GO finally and you have done all the things clearly.

When the exporting completes, you will get a message. Whenever you need, you can restore it again. Important to realize, you will get the file as Zip or gZip. Now, you can do it whenever you need or bringing new changes. Is it not simple?

2. Creating WordPress Database Backup Manually from cPanel

I think it is one of the easiest ways of keeping a backup of your WordPress websites. As like before, you have to login in to your cPanel dashboard which you have got from your hosting provider. Now using your username and password, enter on the backend. If you do not see the shortcut icon, just search on the search bar to find it out quickly. Please check the screenshot below.

  • From the dashboard of cPanel, you will get the Backup options under the Files section.

backup WordPress from cPanel

  • Now from this page, you can download A Full Account Backup or Partial Backups (Download a Home Directory Backup).

Partial Full Backup cPanel

  • Now click on the Download Backup Options and it’s done.

Thus you can keep your website’s backup easily from cPanel. Now, at the same place of Backup of cPanel, you will see Restore option. You can upload the downloaded backup here to restore the website as like before in any critical situation. Taking backup or restoring is easy here.

Restore Backup cPanel

Hope you have understood. For any further support, make a comment to get real-time support freely from us. I will suggest to check the screenshot and read the article diligently.

3. Backup Manually from your Host

First of all, it is the same process discussed on the above. To keep the process easy to understand for the newbie, I am just focusing on the main point again. Take your patience and finish the article to be expert in backing up in WordPress.

Keeping WordPress Backup from your host is an another easy process. You can do it from the Backup Wizard option. Let’s check it now.

  • Enter username and password to login in your cPanel.
  • From the cPanel dashboard, you will find Backup Wizard Icon under the Files section. Similarly, you can search on the above search bar to get the option if you do not see on the shortcut area. (Please see the screenshot)

Backup Wizard cPanel

  • In the next window, you will see Back Up or Restore area (The home directory, MySQL® databases, Email forwarder configurations, Email filter configurations).

Back Up Or Restore Wizard

  • Now click on Back Up Or Restore. It will start to work.

Surely, it will backup your full website, files and other medias. If you like, you can take a copy of these backup files in your email. Whenever you need, you can restore it. Hope you have done it successfully.

4. Backup Manually from FTP

In this section, we will discuss the most popular backup method. We do it using FTP client. You have to install any FTP client in your PC to do it. Mostly, we do it using FileZilla. Though we also use Cyberduck. It’s really simple. You can do it following the below simple methods.

  • Firstly, open FTP in your PC. Give username and password to login the websites on the FTP which one you want to take backup.
  • Now from the files of your website, select the files you need to keep backup.
  • Right Click on the file and click on download to save.

It is simple and straightforward. You can also use WP CLI if you are an advanced user. It’s fantastic. So, you have learned how to take backup of your WordPress websites using FTP. In the similar process, you can Restore/Install it also.

5. Easy Backup/Export from WordPress Dashboard  

As I see, it is a less talked method of taking backup of WordPress website. I figure out, it is really amazing and one of the easiest methods of taking backup or restoring the files again. Another great facility is— you have no need to use any plugins or software to do it manually from here. In every dashboard, you will get it from WordPress. How will you do it?

  • First login to your WordPress dashboard using username and password.
  • Here you will see the option Tools and Export/Import under the submenu.

export import from WordPress

  • Now click Export when you want to keep a full backup of your website. And click on Import if you want to Restore the backup. It is really interesting tools which you get from WordPress by default.

Hope you have checked how to export WP files using Export/Import Tools of WordPress. If you need any support, you can make a comment.

Important Instructions to keep Backup: 

Need to remember, you are keeping backup for staying safe. So, do everything carefully. I have just some more suggestions.

  • Keep the backup files in a secure place. It can be local or cloud drive. Don’t keep the files in one place only. Try to mix it according to your ability. Just try to mix when keeping the backup files.
  • Try to use any reliable security plugins. Go to premium options if possible. Spend some money here. You can talk with Speed Host for taking support.
  • Keep the themes, plugins and other code up to date. It is safe and fast. So, check and update it regularly. Keep a backup when updating any core files. It is must need.

That’s it. If you follow all the method, it would be easy for you to lead your internet life. At the same time, the business will be worry-free for you.

Final Thought: 

At last, I will tell you are now fully educated about keeping backup of WordPress websites manually. I have got the above five methods easiest and reliable. So, whenever you are taking backup just follow it carefully. Surely, it will reduce the risk for your future assets. 

Finally, if you get the article helpful, share it on your social media. For any support about Hosting or digital services, contact us without any hesitation. Our team is always ready for your support.

Oh Yes! What is the favorite method of keeping backup of your WordPress website? Give us a feedback and share your opinion, as we can update the content regularly. All the best and thanks a lot.



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