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How to increase domain authority (13+ White Hat Tactics)

what is domain authority

Most of the bloggers know domain authority is the unexpressed rule of the ranking of the content of any website. Do you know the realistic methods of how to increase domain authority or page authority?

What is domain authority? Age of the domain or weight of the content? Especially, domain authority is measured by considering a lot of factors. Important to realize, all the factors which are supposed to estimate the domain authority is essential for your website.

For this reason, bloggers know domain authority tells the search engine to rank fast on the first page. In general, a low domain authority website can’t compete with a high authority website. Overcoming a high authority domain in any keywords is tough.

At the same time, domain authority helps to increase trust in the search engine. Google (John Muller) says nothing about domain authority for ranking on the SERP. But if you search for any keywords you will see the first page of Google gives more priority to rank the high authority web page.

Domain Authority John Muller

On the other hand, Google crawls the similar keywords to rank from the high authority website. With this in mind, We can tell, if you have improved domain authority that means you will get priority on ranking on the search engine.

Before going to the terms of how to increase domain authority, you should know some necessary things about domain authority or MOZ trust. It will help you to understand the facts easily. Let’s check how you can increase page or domain authority within a very short time.

What is Domain Authority:

Domain Authority which is abbreviated as DA is created by MOZ (A SaaS Company). The purpose of the domain authority is to discover the domain among the worst and the best. It is started from 0 to 100 where 0 means the worst authority and 100 refers to the best. The more authority score you will get the higher possibilities you are going to rank in the search engine.

What Is DA

I always inspire not to thinking domain authority as ranking factors, instead consider it as checking or analyzing the competitor. When you want to work with a keyword and if you check on the SERP, then you will be able to plan SEO effort comparing the competitor. You can justify easily what types of SEO effort needs to lead on the niche.

Researchers show that on average 40 signals are needed to measure domain authority. For example, how many links are pointing to your sites or root domain or others’ page? At the same time, how many sites are pointing to you? It will control the ranking factors or authority. On the other hand, MOZ Trust, MOZ Rank or correlation-based ranking factors is also essential.

Benefits of Domain Authority:

You can ask me again what the benefits of high domain authority are? Yes! It has a significant impact on ranking. Let’s check the benefits of high domain authority.

  • Higher ranking on the search engine
  • Ensures higher page rank on the SERP
  • It increases trust in the search engine
  • It helps to build Brand
  • Readers take it as high-quality or authoritative

To clarify, domain authority is important to rank your website or page on the SERP. At the same time, it increases the trust among the visitors.

How to Check Domain Authority:

MOZ calculates domain authority in different ways including high-quality content, linking to the root domains, social signals and search engine friendliness. That means you have to ensure a right structure website with spam free content, backlinks or behavior.

Domain Authority Checker

You can check domain authority from MOZ. Important to realize, in their free version, you can’t check after 3 to 5 websites. Then you can also check the domain authority unlimited time freely from SmallSEOTools. It gives the same results of MOZ.

How to increase Domain Authority:

Now I think you are clear about domain authority or DA. But how to increase domain authority? What things should you follow to improve the domain authority? Yes! You can work to raise domain authority. Let’s check how to increase domain or page authority fastly.

1. Publish Quality Content

Content is the life of your websites. You can do anything, but without content, the results will be Zero in the eyes of the search engine. For this reason, if you can publish high-quality content in your niche, it will get huge benefits. With this in mind, if you want to increase the authority of your website you have to generate evergreen content.

What is evergreen content? The content which is informative and will be the complete guideline in a problem or query is considered as evergreen content. On the contrary, it needs to be resourceful, original, and ideal lengthy content for readers’ satisfaction.

How does content help to increase the domain authority? 

  • Content is the assets and life of your website
  • Content gets natural backlinks
  • Content increases the trust of Google
  • Content helps to outreach with skyscraper link building method
  • Content assure proper authority on the brand

When you want to work on other factors of increasing domain authority, the content will be the primary parts. For this reason, without thinking about the next factors firstly you need to generate the content.

I give priority to publishing high-quality content in my every money-making blog. When it gets sufficient resources, then I try to implement the other factors. Actually, Google loves content. When Google receives high-quality content, it increases trust factors. For this reason, if you skip other matters at the initial level, only content will increase the domain authority.

Do not forget to Produce link-bait Content. Try to dominate the niche with content instead of other so-called methods. Surely, it will make you the authority in your niche. Ultimately, you will get the brand and brand means will get natural backlinks. Do you need anything to increase domain authority?

2. Right On-Page SEO

In the future, on-page SEO will be the most effective factor for ranking on Google. Even Google has started to implement it. For this reason, after generating the content, you have to ensure the content is SEO friendly. It affects a lot to increase domain authority.

Let’s check some must need on-page SEO checklist to increase the domain authority fastly.

  • Focus on Keyword: Always try to write content based on one focus keyword and write the content with the basement of this keyword.
  • Keyword Density: Keeping the keyword density is very important to rank the page on the search engine. Keep the density of 0.5 to 1%. Never try to overuse the keyword. Use the LSI keywords too to rank higher.
  • Use Long-Tail Keywords: Long Tail Keywords are still in low-competition. For this reason, work with the long-tail keywords to rank it easily and getting potential visitors.
  • Use Heading Tag Perfectly: Heading Tag helps to design the content efficiently. So, use the heading tag (H1…H6) properly.
  • Keep the URL neat and clean with keywords: It is very important. Google loves the neal and clean website, URL and structure.
  • Keyword-rich titles: Keep the titles keyword-rich. It helps to rank the content easily.
  • Keep Keywords on Meta Description: Always keep the keywords and call to actions words in the meta descriptions.
  • Optimize the image: Yes! Don’t keep the ALT tag of the image empty. Try to use here the keywords or similar name.
  • Keep outbound link: We forget to use outbound links. It helps Google to understand about the articles.

Then again, your content should follow the above terms of on-page SEO. You can rank any low or medium competitive keyword by following on-page SEO and some social or profile link juice.

Without perfect SEO optimized content, you have no chances to improve the domain or page authority. With this in mind, ensure proper formatting of the content with on-page SEO.

3. Internal Linking Properly

When you want to decrease the bounce rate, internal linking is the best solution. At the same time, it helps to inter-communicate among the whole website. It passes juice equally among the website. On the other hand, internal linking helps to add more information to the existing page.

For this reason, it helps to increase the domain authority automatically. Important to realize, it is an on-page SEO factor, but I have discussed in an individual point only to give more importance.

Internal Linking

How internal linking helps to increase domain authority? 

  • Internal Links increases user experience and satisfaction
  • Helps to increase page views
  • Decrease bounce rate
  • It helps to pass visitors on the old content
  • Bring equality among the whole website
  • Helps to get benefited from Anchor text

Surely, Internal Link will increase the page views, and it helps to keep the website balanced. On the other hand, it is essential to keep the visitors engaged on your site. Above all, it increases the page and the domain authority of your website.

4. Increase Social Engagement

Google is giving more priority on social media engaging content for ranking. At the same time, it gets valuable visitors. At the same time, it is very necessary to bring high authority signal on your website.

So, using the social media sharing buttons on the website is a must need tactics to increase social share. Not to mention, more social share means more engagement. It will get ranked on the search engine easily. With this in mind, it will get a higher rank.

How to increase social engagement for increasing the domain authority? 

  • Inspire readers to share the content in every post
  • Create high-quality content that will get an automatic share
  • Ensure available social sharing buttons
  • Make the content visually interactive
  • Format the content with bold, italic and heading tag

Markedly, social media is a great place to generate the lead. On the other hand, it will increase the trust level of your domain. At the same time, the domain authority will increase fastly.

5. Generate High-Quality Backlinks

At this time, you have to generate high-quality backlinks. Many bloggers make the fault here. They try to get backlinks from the starting of their publishing content. Important to realize, doing anything which is spammy can harm you for the lifetime. For this reason, you must publish 20+ high-quality content and make them SEO friendly.

Then again, do some social shares and at the end ensures some profile backlinks to generate some juice. Moreover, work for getting backlinks here.

Increase Domain Authority

By all means, start generating backlinks from a reliable place. Don’t forget to diversify your Backlinks. That means to get backlinks from different places. It will bring massive juice for you. On the other hand, you can make authority so easily. Ultimately, it will improve the domain authority.

How can you generate high-quality backlinks? 

  • Article Marketing
  • Follow Skycrapper link building Method (Pure White Hat)
  • Profile backlinks including social sites
  • Press release
  • Link exchange by outreaching
  • Guest Blogging
  • Commenting with valuable opinions
  • Forum Posting

You will get a lot of reliable places to get the backlinks for your websites. Moreover, do it step by step. Don’t do anything which seems unnatural. Apply any method manually by adding value, and it will add juice to your sites. Get some other techniques to get backlinks from Entrepreneur. Similarly, you should remember, content is the only way to get links naturally.

6. Disavow Bad Links and Broken Links

It is as important as getting links or internal linking. The links which are not available now or spammy can harm the sites. It loses the ranking on Google because the search engine thinks it as pointing empty resources. At the same time, some links may indicate websites that are spammy. You should also remove it.

In general, you need to keep the website neat and clean. Google will give you a priority if you can optimize it on a regular basis. Important to realize, it affects the site as negative SEO.

You can see the official discussion of Google about disavow bad links and how you can stay safe from them.

Above all, I will tell the broken links in your sites or disavow links both are harmful to your websites. So, take steps ASAP to fix it. Admittedly, it helps to increase domain authority as well as to decrease the spam score on your site.

7. Domain Age is Factor to get high domain authority

It is an essential factor to get the top domain authority. A domain with 3 or 4 years of age surely receives the supreme domain authority, if they don’t do any spam link building and publish quality content. So, if you desire to get the same domain authority, it is not possible at the initial level. You have to go ahead step by step.

Domain Age

Here, needs patience to get the authority. Do the rest of the work and the domain age will increase, and you will get the same value.

8. Increase Publishing Frequency

If you keep publishing frequency in your blog, it will get higher authority fastly. On the other hand, it increases the trust on Google. Suppose you have published 10 posts in a month and in the next month you have released only 2 posts. It is not suitable for gaining authority on the search engine. At the same time, it is not good for getting high domain authority.

You have to follow a rule to publish the content. You need to develop a frequency. For example, you will post 1 or 2 content in every week. Even you can choose a date, and it will surely help you to rank and to get higher authority on Google.

With this in mind, try to keep right frequency to publish the content. Surely, it will rank better. On the other hand, your domain authority will increase.

9.  Make Sure Mobile Friendly Website

Google loves the mobile-friendly website. As mobile users are increasing daily, so you will get more user engagement from mobile if you make the site mobile friendly.

Mobile Friendly Website

On the other hand, it will rank well on Google. Google is considering to rank a mobile-friendly website. Ultimately, it will increase domain authority.

10. Be an authority in your niche

I always recommend choosing a niche which you know more about. It will help to dominate the niche. You will be able to generate high-quality content. That means you will make the fan in your niche.

With this in mind, it will help you to become an authority in your niche. And authority means you will get more trust. Significantly, your domain authority will increase.

How can you become an authority in your niche? 

  • Keep the footprint in every possible place online or offline
  • Diversify your content
  • Start guest blogging in your niche
  • Never copy others
  • Engage in the different Forum and Community including Quora
  • Try to become selfless

Mainly, try to stay in different places and bring the backlink from various sources. It will increase the authority of you as well as it will increase the domain authority.

11. Increase Loading Speed Of your Site

If you can’t ensure a higher loading speed, your visitors will go back before opening it entirely. That means it will increase the bounce rate. On the other hand, you will lose the rank on Google.

In general, low loading speed website is not suitable for your online presence. It will be harmful to you. You will lose the domain authority.

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Loading Speed Website

How can you increase the loading speed of your website?

  • Minimize HTTP requests
  • Reduce server response time
  • Enable compression
  • Enable browser caching
  • Minify Resources
  • Optimize images
  • Optimize CSS
  • Reduces the plugins on WordPress
  • Reduce redirects
  • Choose a Good Host

When your website loading speed increases, that means user-engagement will be satisfiable. Undoubtedly, it will increase the domain authority.

12. Grow Brand

The future of blogging will be brand based. In general, search engine loves the brand. On the other hand, the content in a brand is reliable. With this in mind, a brand more facilities on Google. For this reason, you should try to grow as a brand.

Significantly, if you can dominate the niche, you will grow as a brand.

Important to realize, brand means generating the lead. You will get more sales and more engagement. You will get automatic/natural backlinks.

How can you make your blog a brand? 

  • Choose a memorable domain name
  • Choose branded theme and logo
  • Generate high-quality content
  • Make publishing schedule to get authority and trust in the eyes of Google
  • Consider Post length

If you can grow as a brand and if you work hard from the first, it will surely bring enormous benefits to you. In fact, it will rank fastly, and you will get high domain authority.

13. Consider Site Structure

When you are designing your website, make sure you are choosing a good theme, and you have made an eye-catching logo. At the same time, you need to keep all the contents accessible by the visitors.

On the other hand, remove broken links and add visual content to ensure proper performance. Important to realize, do not forget to format content accurately. If you can make a user-friendly structure, it will surely increase the domain authority.

14. Spread Your Website

It is important to spread the website among the industry leaders. It will help you get links from different sources. At the same time, use all the most popular social media and forums to make the website accessible all the places.

Spread Your Website

On the other hand, you have to confirm your website is usable from all the popular browsers and devices. If you can work in this process, it will bring massive visitors and lead to your website. Similarly, it will increase domain authority.

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Final Thought

Above all, I will tell you domain authority is the untold brand in your industry. At the same time, it brings vast potentiality for your domain. So, I think now you know perfectly how to increase domain authority. At the same time, you can increase the page authority.

I like to hear from you. So, you can participate with me by informing me, “Which methods mostly helps you to increase the domain authority?” Be a part of us by joining from the comment section.

By all means, if you get the article helpful, share it on your favorite social media and if you have any questions share with us from the below comment section. Thanks a lot. 🙂



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