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Enable Two Factor Authentication In Your WordPress Site (With Or Without Plugins)

Two Factor Authentication WP Features

Want to enable two-factor authentication in your WordPress website or blog? Let’s take a look at the methods. It is a straightforward way. You can do it simultaneously.

The two-factor authentication method has two steps as user security. In most cases, the first factor is used as the password or PIN number. As a second factor, a set of numbers, code is sent to the user in different ways. It can be a phone or email verification and even now, it is popular with scanning a QR code.

The password protects the use of various services on the Internet. However, ‘two-factor authentication’ can be used to get extra protection in these services.

Two Factor Authentication In WordPress

We all know that there are some people in the world who can’t see the good in others, so they get up to hurt us. Yes, in this case, the real world is just like the virtual world. So to protect yourself, let’s take a look at a small but very effective plugin that will take your WordPress site security one step further.

This means that if you use it to manage your blog, then after logging in, you will have to prove again through the verification code that you are the owner of your blog. It ensures extra protection for your blog or website.

Enable Two Factor Authentication In WordPress Site

It is very easy to turn on Two-factor Authentication in a WordPress website or blog. You can start this service by installing any Authentication plugin but the easiest one is to ask you to install the plugin so that you can use the Authentication of your choice. Let’s learn how to do it. You can check more two-factor WordPress plugins or Authentication plugins by visiting the link.

A two-factor plugin doubles the security of your blog. It has many advantages. The two most commonly used of these are-

1. Sent Code To Email: If you select Email codes, after logging in, this plugin sends a verification code to the registered email ID of your blog, then you can enter that code and enter your Dashboard.

2. Time-Based One-Time Passwords (TOTP): This service is more secure. To use it, you need to download the Google Authenticator app and start the service by generating a verification code after scanning the bar code given in the plugin settings.

How To Set Up Two Factor Authentication

Two Factor Authentication WordPress Plugins

  • Now go to setting from Users. Please check the screenshot to get a clear concept.

Two Factor Authentication Setting 1

  • Give your email address where you want to get the code for verification.
  • You can set Time Based One-Time Passwords (TOTP), which can be used by Google Authenticator app after scanning the bar code from plugins settings. You can use it from Android Or iPhone.

Two Factor Authentication Login Page

  • That’s all. I hope you have understood.

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Two Factor Authentication is a cybersecurity policy. When a user logs in to their account, they are closely monitored through this two-factor authentication. If this feature is on, no one will be allowed to access the account just by entering the ID and password. This method confirms beforehand whether the person’s account is logged in or not. In this case, an OTP is sent to the registered phone number of the user. If you enter that OTP at the time of login, you will be allowed to access the account. And so, if the two-factor authentication is on, hackers will not be able to log in even if they get the user ID and password.

Most of the renowned website or email or social media is going to this method for extra securities. So, if you are WordPress website owner, you can try it to give extra security to your website or blogs. Thanks. For any other support, you may make a comment or contact Speed Host team.



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