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7 Ways To Improve Security Of WordPress Site (Step By Step WordPress Security Guide)

Improve WordPress Security

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) in the world. You can use WordPress in a variety of online premises, from blogs, eCommerce or news sites to static websites. Currently, about 20 percent of Internet websites are running on WordPress. And its download number has exceeded 50 million. The 5.85 version is currently available.

This type of website is also a target of hackers due to its excessive popularity. And that’s why it’s important to ensure the security of a WordPress website. Since so many users are using WordPress, there should be no shortage of victims if they can attack this platform. Hackers are also following WordPress with such thoughts. However, regular updates and a little attention to the security system can keep your WordPress site risk-free.

Today we will talk about 7 easy ways to keep WordPress website secure, That includes: Keeping WordPress software updated, using impenetrable or hard passwords, using two-level authentication, scanning malware, backup regularly, using a security plugin. Hope that those who are willing to build a website in WordPress will benefit.

Ways To Improve Security Of WordPress Site

Those who have created new WordPress sites need to ensure some basic security. Anyone who is not a good developer can comply with the below security requirements. Before applying the tricks, first ensure you are using good-quality web hosting. Many people use low or anonymous web hosting due to low cost. These web hosting service providers cannot provide good security for every site. As a result, these hosting websites are often hacked. So the providers who ensure the security mostly should take their services. You can check Speedhost Hosting for the fastest speed and highest security for your websites.

Here are some other basic security tips & tricks for WordPress websites. Let’s take a look.

1. Keep WordPress, Themes & Plugins updated

There is no substitute for WordPress software, including themes and plugins updated to protect WordPress. So any new update of WordPress comes, update immediately without ignoring it. Updates are the first and foremost issue of the security of WordPress software.

WordPress Update

In general, WordPress often releases new updates by fixing their various bugs and bringing advanced features. It is better to update the WordPress site as soon as these updates come. Hackers try to hack it by finding various flaws in the old versions. So it is safe to keep regular WordPress updates.

At the same time, themes and plugins you use can often come with their own bug fixes and features. Without these updates, you will get notifications on the dashboard. So to ensure better security of the site, it is better to update if you show notifications or not.

2.Keep regular site backups (Must)

There is no alternative to backup your WordPress website. Keeping backup is the of the best ways for WordPress security. If there is any problem with the website, then the backup copy will give the security of the site. We will get back to the site at any time in any case through backup. Make sure that the backup file is stored safely in a safe place so that the backup file is not damaged in any way.

Again, you can lose important information and content of the website at any time due to hosting problems or hacking. So you should keep regular site backups to reduce the suffering. If the site data is deleted for any reason, you can recover it with this backup file. In this case, we can use the backup plugin, which will secure our backup in the right way. And there are several plugins for backup. For example: BackWPUp, UpdraftPlus, BackupBuddy, VaultPress, etc.

Keep regular site backups

3. Use strong passwords And Use two-Factor authentication

Many people use passwords with names, mobile numbers or date of birth for the convenience of remembering. These are not right. Acquaintances or hackers can hack your website by knowing or guessing this information through various means. So you have to use a password that you also have trouble remembering. You can enter the password with letters, numbers and symbols. Then the security of your site will be largely ensured.

So, it is important to use impenetrable or difficult passwords at login to ensure good WordPress security. In this case, you can also take the help of the password manager to use impenetrable or difficult passwords.

It is much safer to use at least 8 lettered passwords. It is better to mix numbers, special characters, capital letters and small letters in the password. The best way is to use a generated password. Because you will not remember this password yourself. There are many free tools for managing passwords, such as LastPass. There are many more tools that you can use to easily manage all your passwords.

Use strong passwords And Use two Factor authentication

Another key point, you have to ensure Two or multi-factor authentication in WordPress. It adds an important extra layer to protect against WordPress site login. So, it is essential to ensure two tricks for password and security. 1) an impenetrable or difficult password and 2) using a secondary time-sensitive code to login. Using Two-factor authentication is reliable here.

4. Do not use ‘admin’ as a username & keep login secure

When installing WordPress, the default username is “Admin”. Many of keeping it unchanged. However, it is better not to use the username Admin for site security. Because hackers usually try to hack the site with the default name. In this case, first, you have to create a new user name by logging in with Admin. The new username must be given full access or administration. Then you have to login with the new username and delete the admin user. Even when you install WordPress for the first time, you can use a different username for the admin dashboard. On the other hand, you can change Admin URL to give extra security for the website.

At the same time, you should ensure that hackers do not repeatedly try to login with passwords based on usernames and guesses. In this case Limit Login Attempts plugin can be used. This allows you to turn on how many times someone tries with the wrong password and when the IP is blocked. As a result, if someone tries to login with the wrong password more than once or two, he will not be able to login from that IP.

Do not use admin as a username keep login secure

5. Use secure plugins and try to not use free themes

Most of the users install plugins on the site for various benefits. That’s not right. When installing a plugin, you must check whether it is a secure, official plugin or verified by the WordPress plugin directory. Because like free themes, these plugins often have hacking or tracking code. It can weaken the security of your website.

At the same time, many people use free themes to create new websites. These themes often contain hidden code, which can steal important information from your website. It is often seen that free-themed websites are redirected to other websites. Sometimes the site displays counter-code or ads in different places. It is better not to use free themes to get rid of all these hassles. If possible, try to buy a premium WP theme. If not possible to buy at least use WordPress’s own theme from the directory. They are well-coded and secure.

Use secure Plugins and try to not use free themes

6. Use a  security plugin

WordPress security plugins are very helpful for security. So for WordPress security, you can use security plugins that will give security in a well-organized way.

There are several plugins for WordPress site security. Notable among these are WordFence, Login Lock, Password Protect, etc. Using a security plugin will greatly ensure the security of the WordPress site.

It is also necessary to scan for Malware. Sometimes our servers get infected due to some bad plugins or themes that may spread malware, which we cannot identify. So we need to scan for malware. This scan will keep the WordPress site safe and will always alert us if we find any suspicious files.

Use security plugin

7. Take the help of experts

One of the major barriers to website security is unused themes and plugins. So if you don’t use any theme or plugin, remove it.

Do you use WordPress as a CMS on your startup business website? So have you ever thought about the security of your WordPress website? How secure are the main means of communication for your business?

Website security is just as important as the local security of your business. You may take the support of experts as like Speed Host to ensure the best security of your websites.

Take help of experts


In addition to these, there are many other issues such as regular change of admin password, using SSL to your site, Adding Captcha, staying away from crack files or software, etc. Again, the most important thing to keep the account security is the hosting panel. So take advantage of hosting from a good company. Also, if you want to make the admin login page of the WordPress website more secure, set a rule with CloudFlare so that no IP other than yours can access it.

If you get the article helpful, please share it on social media. Thanks for staying with Speed Host.



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