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How To Setup Website With WordPress

Build Website with Wordpress

Having a website doubles the value of your business. But hiring a designer, developer and then maintaining it is a lot of headaches. Not everyone can take this stress. However, you can do this on your own if you want with the blessing of WordPress. World’s 38% of websites are made with WordPress. So, why don’t give it a try? Here is a complete guide starting from buying the domain, getting a hosting provider to set up a website with WordPress.

Choose a Domain Name

First of all, you need to think of the domain name that will show on the website URL. If the website is for your organization or business, then try the same name. For example, the Web Hosting Learn, their website as Now despite being “.com” the most popular domain, there are few others like “.co”, “.xyz”, “.net”, “.org”, “.info” etc. So, you have to carefully choose your domain. Because different domains have different prices.

Search the Domain Name

Once you have made up your mind, then it’s time to search if it’s available. You can search your domain name from here. If it’s not available, try adding more letters to it and then check again.

Buy Domain

If your domain finally becomes available, then click on ‘BUY NOW’ to buy the domain.

Buy Domain for Website
Buy Domain for Website

Host Your Domain

After buying, you need to pick a hosting plan in order to host your website on the server. Think about if you need Shared Hosting that is okay for you. You can get details of everything from our website

Get Your cPanel Access

After completing your domain registration and hosting, you will receive the ‘Control Panel’ of your domain with a username and password. Here you can upload your web content and make necessary changes.

Upload WordPress in cPanel

Since you are interested to make a WordPress site; so first, you have to download it from After getting there, click on ‘Get WordPress’ to download the file. Then get into your cPanel.

In the first section, you’ll see a header ‘Files.’ From there, go to ‘File Manager,’ then ‘public_html’ and then click on ‘Upload’ to upload the zip file that you just downloaded. After uploading, don’t forget to unzip the files. Or else, it won’t work. Click on ‘Extract’ on top-right to unzip files.

Now, you have to create a database to run your website. For this, move to the 2nd section ‘Databases’ and head to ‘MySQL Databases.’ After getting in there, create a database. Name it “wp.” Then create a user of that same name of your domain. Or you can keep it your company name or simply just “admin.” Finally set the user-password and save it somewhere. 

Set A Theme

Now you are ready to log in to your website with WordPress. Go to Give that username and password and log in.

Now obviously, your website would be empty at this time. You have to install a proper theme to get a layout first. To do that, go to ‘Appearance’ on the left and then go to ‘Themes.’ You will be able to see a few free themes here. You can activate one of those if you want. But we can guarantee those will not fulfill your demand for a website.

So, you need a Premium Theme! Here comes the page-builder Elementor. Go to ‘Plugins’, then ‘Add New.’ Search for ‘Elementor.’ Install and Activate!

Plugin in WordPress
Add the Elementor Plugin
Search Elementor
Type ‘Elementor’ on the Search tab







Activate Elementor
Install & Activate Elementor


Install and Activate Your Theme

After activating Elementor, you will see a new menu ‘Elementor’ on the left of your WordPress panel. Hover over there and click on ‘Go Pro.’ This will redirect to the Elementor website. You can pick a plan according to your requirement while purchasing the theme. Buy, Install and Activate!

Edit Website with Your Data

After activating, fetch the demo data. Make sure you read the documentation of the Theme. Different themes have a different setup to use and edit. So it’s essential to follow the documentation.

Then you can drag and drop elements with Elementor. Go to ‘Pages’ from the WordPress admin panel. Choose any of the pages you want to edit and select “Edit with Elementor.” Here, you can add images/products with Elementor. Also, one of the major things you want to do is add an SSL Certificate on your website.


If you have any difficulty to understand this transcript, then we have some pretty good video tutorials for you. Enjoy!



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