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How To Set Up Email Forwarding In cPanel!

Set Up Email Forwarding From cPanel

Email forwarding in cPanel is an important feature. It helps to forward incoming email from one to another email address. The benefit is it helps to receive email from different email clients or domains into one email. Apart from this, you can set single person who is away to receive certain email from selected address.

In this tutorial, we will learn how to set up email forwarding in cPanel step by step. You will get complete ideas on forwarding emails from domain or server to one email.

What is email forwarding?

In general, email forwarding refers to delivering a copy of message from one email to another selected destination. For example, we will receive email from domain-based business email to our Gmail address.

Set up email forwarding in cPanel

Using cPanel, we can set up two types of forwards. One is email forwarding and another is domain forwarding. First we will see email forwarding method.

1. First log in to cPanel using your username and password.

2. Now under “Email” section click on “Forwarders” Icon or Link.

Forwarders From cPanel

3. Here from Managing (All Domains) drop down section, select on your domain (if you have multiple domains).

If you have not set up forwarders for any domain, it will display a message of “There are no forwarders configured for the current domain.”

Add Forwarders Managing

4. From All Domains, now click on Add Forwarders. It will bring you on the next page. Here, give the email address from where the email will be forwarded and then give the destination email address where the email will go or receive. (Check the screenshot please)

Forwarding Email And Destination Email

5. Now click on Add Forwarder. In the next screen, you will get the Confirmation message (All email sent to “” will now be copied to “”). Even you can see Advanced setting option to discover it closely.

Email Address Go

On the other hand, if the sender is unable to forward the email, then it can send an discard message with the custom text. You can set the text as well. (Discard and send an error to the sender (at SMTP time). Failure Message (seen by sender))

cPanel email forwarders

From the Advanced option, you will find

 Forward to a system account

 Pipe to a Program

(When piping to a program, you should enter a path relative to your home directory. If the script requires an interpreter such as Perl or PHP, you should omit the /usr/bin/perl or /usr/bin/php portion. Make sure that your script is executable and has the appropriate target at the top of the script. If you do not know how to add the hashbang, just make sure to name your script file with the correct extension and you will be prompted to have the hashbang added automatically.)

Discard (Not Recommended) Generally, it is not recommended, as the forwarded address will not get the copy, rather an error message. Even the sender will get the failing warning.

Hope you have understood the overall method of setting up email forwarding in cPanel. In the next tutorial, we will discuss about domain forwarding in cPanel.

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Forwarding email helps to automatically send a copy of email to our desired address. The process is simple and I think it would be helpful for all. It is handy to manage email into one place. Organizing email will be supportive. If you face any issues, contact us for further support. If you like SpeedHost how to article under knowledgebases, share the content into social media. All the best.



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