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How to Use Google SMTP Server for Free!

how to use Googles SMTP Server

When comes anything about emails, we know Google’s Gmail is amazing for its clean interface and useful features. What it would be, if you get chances of using SMTP server of Google for your business (Domain-Based) email?

I know it would be fantastic. Alongside hosting email server, you can use SMTP server of Google easily without any cost. It is reliable and worry-free.

You will get most of necessary services here that include using contact forms, getting notifications or collaborating with newsletter. Let’s discuss how to use Google SMTP server for free in your custom domain in WordPress or any other web framework.

How to Use Google SMTP Server for Free?

We’ll discuss everything about Google’s SMTP server in this tutorial. The topics include…

  • What is SMTP?
  • How to use Google SMTP server?
  • Set any custom domain
  • Use WordPress for setting up SMTP server with Google for sending and receiving emails

What is SMTP?

Basically, SMTP means “Simple Mail Transfer Protocol.” It is a set of commands which redirects or works for transferring emails. The email clients (Such as MS Outlook, Thunderbird or Gmail) forwards the emails on SMTP server, then the server works for sending the emails.

In general, the recipients get the email when the SMTP server complete downloading by POP3 or IMAP. Need to mention, we see two types of SMTP servers which are Internal and External.

Important to realize, most renowned hosting provider including SpeedHost offer internal email server. Apart form this, for more reliable option you can use the external email server. For example, Google’s SMTP Server.

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There are some additional benefits of using Google’s SMTP server.

  • It is reliable. Because the SMTP server of Google does not use port 25. It ensures SPAM flagging. It blocks threatened email always. At the same time, the email deliverability rate is comparatively high.
  • It is secure as it use Two-Factor Authentication. Similarly, the emails are backed up on the Google’s server.
  • Google index the emails on the server. It helps to search the emails with your desired keywords.
  • You can send 100+ emails per day.

How to use Google SMTP server?

Now we will see the tutorial on using Google SMTP server. No matter if you use WordPress or any other website framework.

Firstly, we will use the below configuration for using Google SMTP server.

  • SMTP server:
  • SMTP username: Your full Gmail address, such as
  • SMTP password: Your Gmail password.
  • SMTP port: 465 (SSL) or 587 (TLS)
  • TLS/SSL: Required.
  • Use Authentication: Yes

How to set any custom domain for Google SMTP?

First of all, we will see how to use custom email with Google SMTP server. In general, it is simple and straightforward. Need to mention, you have to confirm a domain name and domain-based email first.

Now, you need an app password for your custom domain from Google to access any gmail account. It is essential, otherwise you may not access gmail with your custom domain. Similarly, you need to active two-factor authentication of your gmail account to make it more secure and reliable.

app password google

Hope you have prepared the app password from the above link. Now, follow the below steps to setup your custom email to Google SMTP server for accessing the email easily with one place.

app password SMTP

  • Click on “Setting” gear icon from the right side of your gmail account. Now go to See All Settings from Quick Setting.
  • Now click on Account And Import options and click on Add Another Email Address.

gmail add another account

  • It will open an pop-up window. Give your desired name and custom email address here and click Next.

add username and email

  • Another window will come. Enter Google SMTP server here. Give the username and it comes automatically following the previous input. Ensure the port as well. Just check it. And finally add the App Password here, you generated it before. Again, confirm if secure connection with SSL or TLS.

Add SMTP server and username

  • That’s all. Now a verification email will go to your email. Click the link for confirmation.

Now, your custom email has been linked with the Google’s SMTP server. You can send or receive your email in your Gmail inbox without any hassle and obviously free of cost.

Use Google SMTP Server With WordPress Plugin:

If you use WordPress, then there are easy steps of using Google SMTP server from WP dashboard. You just need to install and activate a plugin for SMTP. There are numerous SMTP plugin in the WordPress directory. I will show you how to work with WP Mail SMTP by WPForms.

To use Google SMTP from your WordPress dashboard, follow the below steps.

  • First login to your WordPress dashboard through website/wp-login.php. Now go to Plugins option. Click on Add New.
  • From here search by typing WP Mail SMTP by WPForms. Now click on Install and Activate it.

wp mail smtp settings

  • Now click on to WP Mail SMTP by WPForms namge from the left side.
  • Give your website’s name from From Name. From the Mailer section select on Google’s Gmail.
  • Check on the option “Set the return-path to match the From Email.” It will give you delivery issues status always which is helpful.
  • Now, scroll down of the page and find out the option Client ID and Client Secret. You will need to open Web Application from Google. To do that go to Google API Console. Login here with your Google account.
  • Click on Create Project and give a Project Name and click on Create.
  • Now select API library from left side and select Gmail API.

gmail api in the google api library

  • From here Enable the API and go to Create Credentials.
  • Now follow the this path and select the answers accordingly: Gmail API -> Web browser (Javascript) -> User data.Then complete the session by clicking What credentials do I need?

add credentials to gmail api

  • Now the window of “Set up OAuth consent screen” will appear and click the below area “Set up consent screen”.
  • Select your User Type and give your website name on the Application name field.
  • Here you have to fill Authorized domains, Application Homepage link, Application Privacy Policy link, and Application Terms of Service link with your site’s name and address. Check any other settings that you think necessary for you and at last click on Save.
  • Now go to Credentials settings. Give proper option on Name and Authorized JavaScript origins according to your need. Follow your website to fill the options. Here you have to give Authorized redirect URIs. Where will you find this? Check your WP Mail SMTP > Settings. From the settings copy the Authorized redirect URI. and paste here. Now click on Create.

create an oauth client id

copy wp mail smtp authorized redirect uri

  • You will get a pop-up window where you have to enter Client ID and Client Secret. You will get this from Gmail section of WP Mail SMTP Settings page. Now Click on Save Setting.

client id and client secret in wp mail smtp dashboard

  • From Authorization option check the box on “Allow plugin to send emails using your Google account.” Give access to your Gmail Account from here. It would allow you to manage your email from your website.
  • Finally, we have finished everything to setup Google SMTP server within your website through a plugin. Now test the email by sending one. If you do everything following the above mentioned option, it will surely work. Go to WP Mail SMTP -> Email Test tab and send an email.


Hope you have understand the method. If the SMTP server setup works accurately, it will look like the below screenshot.


FAQs Regarding Google SMTP Server

As a free service, web masters use Google SMTP server. But they ask the below questions always. Let’s get a close insight from here.

What are the SMTP settings for Gmail?

Gmail SMTP setup settings:
  • SMTP username: Your Gmail address.
  • SMTP password: Your Gmail password.
  • SMTP server address:
  • Gmail SMTP port (TLS): 587.
  • SMTP port (SSL): 465.
  • SMTP TLS/SSL required: yes.

Can I use Freely to send Gmail SMTP server?

Yes! Google SMTP server is free. Anyone can use it without any cost. There is no limit of adding custom email here. At the same time, you can send unlimited (100+) emails regularly.

What is Gmail SMTP server IP address?

The SMTP server can be a name (ex: or a dotted IP address (ex: 12.34. 56.78). Gmail:

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Why is my SMTP server not working?

In the 99% of the cases why not working of my SMTP server is wrong configuration or settings. So, if you follow the above steps and use the port or username accurately. It would work fine. So, check the settings again. Hope it will solve the issues.

Final Thought

Now we are in the finishing line. It is essential to use SMTP server to make the email functionals. For this reason, you have to choose any one for your business. As Google ensures reliability and extensive security, it would solve your email issues.

We have learned how to use Google SMTP server for free here with two methods. Using Gmail and App Password and WordPress Plugin. Hope you have done it properly. Regardless, if you need any support talk to our team or make a comment. Never to share if you get the article helpful.

Thanks for staying with SpeedHost. 🙂



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