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Webmail: How to Create/Log Into Webmail?

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Generally, the email facility of cPanel is mentioned as Webmail. One of the great features of cPanel is webmail. This will allow you to create email accounts from your websites, such as Yahoo or Gmail, and enjoy the benefits of email. To do this, you first need to create a webmail account.

Webmail is an email system that the user can access via the Internet from a computer or any type of electric device. For example, is webmail. Webmail is usually accessed through software from the hosting server. Among the software Horde” or Round Cube is very popular and widely used software.

Webmail is required for an e-commerce business or online business. Also, webmail is required for CPI marketing, affiliate marketing or email marketing to be done properly. Domain and hosting are required to open webmail.

In a word, the e-mail facility of cPanel is called webmail. This is one of the features of cPanel. This allows you to create e-mail accounts like Yahoo, Gmail from your site and enjoy e-mail benefits.

How To Create Webmail?

To open Webmail from your hosting server, complete the following steps: –

  • First, you need to log in to the webmail interface from cPanel. You may easily log in to webmail following the below three ways. If you use a subdomain, then the third one will not work for you.
  • After logging into cPanel, go to the Email section below. There is an option “Email Accounts“, click on that option, then a new page will open.

Email Accounts

  • Click on the Create Option where it says “Create an Email Account“.

If you need to check how how to configure email routing, you can check this article too. For changing MX Records, this article will be helpful.

Create Email

  • Now you will select your domain. If you have one or more domains, then select the domain name from which you want to create Webmail.
    You need to select a username for webmail. In this case, you can create a user name by attaching something as required to your domain name. (
  • Then you have to give a password for the security of your webmail. The password must have two capital letters, two small letters, two numbers, and two characters. Or you can generate a password if you want without this hassle.

Username Password Create

  • Assign space according to your needs. In this case, you can take 50 MB, 100 MB, or more space.
  • Now click on Create Option. Your webmail is now ready to use.

Email Creation Successful

After creating the webmail you check your webmail. To check webmail you need to select a default software such as Horde or Round Cube. You can open your webmail by selecting any default software.

Check Email

If you are not using any email you can easily delete that email by checking the box and clicking on Delete Option. Please check the screenshot to understand it accurately.

Delete Any Email

How To Log Into Webmail Using cPanel?

  1. Access webmail through cPanel (administrator access only)
  2. Access webmail via direct links (for email users)
  • I will inspire you to check the On-Page SEO checklist if you are working to rank your webpage. At the same time, speeding up your website is essential, so, this article will also help you.

Access webmail via direct links

To login into email via direct links, you can use the below three links, and using the username and password of your cPanel, you can easily check the email or send the email also.

Access webmail through cPanel (Horde Or Round Cube)

You will get the option to choose one option to use for checking the email. Round Cube Or Horde. Click any of the on to open the email. Even you may select one as the default option for not checking every time. Both of the clients are great, so never be hesitate.

Round Cube Horde

Let’s take a look of the interface of RoundCube email. It is neat and clean. You can use the Compose Email to send emails to others. Check inbox or sent menu as you need. You can use the Calendar or Contacts here. Even you can customize the settings according to your needs.

Round Cube Email Interface

How To Forward Email To Gmail Or Other Popular Email Client?

After creating webmail, follow the steps below to forward the data to your Gmail.

  • First, go to the Email section of the cPanel for data forwarding and from there you will see the Forward option.
    After clicking on the Forward option, a new page will open where you have to select Forwarder Mail, that is, you have to select the email address that you want to forward.
  • In the second step, you have to select the destination, that is, you have to give the destination or e-mail address to the email you want to forward the data of your webmail.
  • Clicking on the latest Add Forwarder option will add your webmail to your Gmail account.
  • Forward all webmail information to Gmail and send and receive mail from webmail using Gmail.
  • After forwarding your webmail to Gmail, a copy of the webmail will be forwarded to your Gmail. WebMail If too much mail is stored, the server will become heavy and various problems may occur on the webserver. In this case, if you want, follow the steps below to forward complete data or information to your Gmail without having to copy your webmail complete information or mail to the webmail server.
  • First of all, log in to the email where you want to forward the data of your webmail.
  • After logging in, click on the Setting option in the right-hand corner, then a new page will open where you will get the option called “Forwarding POP and IMAM“.

Here you need to enable or disable both POP and IMAM options. Enable “POP for all mail and Enable IMAM ”and click on the Save Change button.
After enabling both POP and IMAM options, go back to settings and select the “Account and Import” option then click on the “Add a mail account” option on the new page that will open.

Selecting “Add account” will link your webmail account to Gmail.

How to send mail from Gmail using webmail?

If you want to send webmail emails through your Gmail using your Gmail interface, then select the following option.

After sending a mail account to send mail using webmail from Gmail, select “Yes I want to be able to send mail as (Webmail)” and click Next
You will see a new page where you have to give your User Name and Email Address. It is best to match the name with your domain name.
Click the Continue button again with your username and your webmail password.

A verification code will be sent to verify your email account. Submit that verification. The code will be sent to your email and webmail. By clicking on the verify link from your webmail or mail server or copying the verify code and submitting it, the webmail will be forwarded to Gmail.

Webmail once connected to Gmail, you can easily do all of your webmail work with Gmail. Now you can send and receive mail from your webmail using your Gmail interface.

Hope you have understood.

Professional Business Email:

If you like to maintain everything regarding email professionally and fear losing any data, then you can choose some professional email services. That includes Google Workspace or Microsoft 365.

Google Workspace Microsoft 365

They provide a domain-based email service if you pay on a monthly basis. As they are professional, security or user interface is extraordinary. If you need any support for setting up or managing business email to Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 or any other email clients, do not hesitate to contact our team. We will do everything in your hand without any hassle.

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That’s all about accessing webmail through cPanel. Here, we have talked about Webmail, creating and logging into webmail. If you need any support for a professional hosting server, setting up business email, buying a domain, or digital marketing, contact SpeedHost experts. We provide world-class hosting and IT service all over the world.

If you get the article helpful, share it on social media. Make comment for further assistance. Hope you will get complete support from SpeedHost, from our blog and knowledgebases also. Thanks for staying with SpeedHost Bangladesh.



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