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7 Ways/Tools to check the speed of your website?

Check Speed Of Your Website

The fast speed of a website is essential to rank your article. Similarly, the customers will be happy to visit your website. The stats say a website loading in 3 seconds delay on mobile loses half of its potential customers. How crucial the matter is!

Hence the questions arise, do you want to check the speed of your website. If Yes, how do you check?

In this article, I will share some tools and ways that will give your insights about the speed of your website. Similarly, it will suggest where you need to work to speed up the website.

First of all, you will get Google PageSpeed Insights Tool to get a basic idea. It gives an overall score of your website as well as lab data information.

As we know, page speed is more important than looking on the page.

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Tools To Check The Speed Of A Website

As a website owner, we surely do not want to lose huge traffic for our site. For this reason, we will test the speed of our website. It will help to grow our website quickly.

1. Pingdom

As far as I get, Solarwinds Pingdom is the most popular tool among the website speed test ways. It is a good starting tool for checking the speed of your website and getting suggestions where needs to work.

You will get a minimum of seven places in the world to check the speed. For this reason, according to the locations, you can verify the speed. For example, Washington DC- USA, Tokyo- Japan, Frankfurt- Germany, London- UK, San Francisco-USA, Sydney- Australia, and Sao Paulo- Brazil.

To test speed with Pingdom, you need to paste the website URLs on the Website Speed Test tools page as mentioned above. Then choose a perfect location as you like. Then click on Start Test.

Pingdom Website Speed Test

It will show you the performance grade, slow speed issues, page size, the number of requests it takes, and load time. If you take action to solve the issues, surely it will speed up the website.

2. Google PageSpeed Insights

As Google developer needs to test the website speed, Google has also developed a great tool for checking the website speed. As like Pingdom, it is easy to use and just take the URLs to run the test. It gives very good insights for updating the website for speed optimization.

Following the feedback including First Contentful Paint, Time to interactive, Speed Index, Total Blocking Time, Largest Contentful Paint, Cumulative Layout Shift, the developer can take the next steps of speeding up your website. 

Google PageSpeed Insights

Surely, Google Page Speed Insights is a great tool. It is a completely free tool to get reliable ideas. So, as a newbie, this tool can be a great start for checking your website speed.

3. Dotcom-Monitor

It’s an amazing tool from DotCom-Tools. At a time, the tool gives 6 location reports of speed testing of your website. Similarly, it checks how much time it takes for the first time visit and repeated time visit of the website. Even it shows 2nd time visit time also. In the free version, you get really awesome data from this small tool.

Instantly Test Website Speed DotComTools

Just enter the website URLs on the tool, it will monitor all the locations you need to know. Wait for a minute to collect the data. Then it will show you the overall insights from the most popular locations around the world. Increasing the page speed is the best deal for you.

4. YSlow – Speed Analyzing Tool

YSlow is a dedicated speed analyzing tool based on Yahoo data. The team has taken 34 web stats to analyze web data. According to the DOM (Document Object Model), it retrieves the information and set up a rule for getting components. YSlow provides suggestions to improve the page speed as well. If you visit the website of YSlow, you will find detailed stats about the speed analyzing rule.

YSlow Speed Analyzing Tool

You can access YSlow from all popular browsers including Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Opera. As it is an open-source project you can get the source code as well as it is completely free to use. You can check the stats for an unlimited time.

5. GTmetrix – Test The Performance Of The Webpage

GTmetrix is another speed test tool which is popular for many years. It is fast to check the speed log of your website. The data GTmetrix shows give clear insights into where you need to care. This web tool offers some special matter which you will not to others.

The tool offers GTmetrix grade where you get performance and structure percentage. Then it shows web vitals including Largest Contentful Paint, Total Blocking Time, and Cumulative Layout Shift.

How Fast Does Your Website Load GTmetrix

You will get the summary of the performance first, then performance stats, structure, waterfall, history, and the most important a short video addressing the issues (if you have an account with GTmetrix).

Then the tool will specify the issues following the impact. Surely, it is a good tool for checking all about the stats of your website’s speed.

6. Google Test My Site

Another great initiative from Google to check the issues related to speed. We know Chrome Dev Tools different types of tools to optimize your website. All the tools are amazing considering others.

Here, I will tell you about Google Test My Site from ThinkWithGoogle. The good side is that it offers mobile site optimization facilities also. The report is so accurate. You have the chance to work following the stats. As you want to check the speed of your website, it works fine. At the same time, it gives some reports where you can work.

Google Test My Site

7. Speed Test For WordPress

If you run a WordPress website, then this is a great tool. The tool has been made for the WP website only. WordPress websites give very good results for speed tests. Similarly, it offers speed optimization suggestions.

When you enter the domain name you want to check in the IsItWP website, it will start to process and analyze the results. It takes only 30 seconds to 1 minute to process all the issues.

The results are satisfactory when you are WordPress users. Take care of performance optimization suggestions. It will surely help you to check and optimize the website speed.

Free Website Speed Test Tool For WordPress

Some other tools

You will get some other premium or free tools that offer speed tests. I have tried most of them. But I think the above tools are enough if you want to get ideas about your website.

Although you can try the tools including WebPageTest, K6 (Freemium), Uptrends, Byte Check, Google Lighthouse, and Yellow Lab Tools.

How To Run A Website Test Accurately?

Sometimes we know how to check the speed of a website. Getting a tool, we paste our URLs to check the test. Yes! It is the actual way. But in some cases, you do not get accurate results. For this reason, you need to follow matters when checking the website.

Generally, we see differences between the results for excessive traffic on that website or browser cache. So, I inspire to check the below things when you want to get some specific results.

I have article suggestions for you also, check here the easiest ways to keep a backup of your WordPress website.

1. Test Multiple Time

Whenever you run multiple tests, you get different pictures always. Why does it happen? In general, internet speed and algorithm may vary in some cases. For this reason, it is good to run multiple times to get the actual picture of the speed.

Even sometimes the suggestions may vary also. So for sure, try to run multiple if you want the solution.

2. Test Changing Geographical Locations

It is another important factor. For example, the maximum visitors of your website are from Asia, but if you test the website from the USA or any other locations. It may not show the right speed for your readers.

For this reason, you need to check the locations of the visitors coming to your website. The ideal tool for this is Google Analytics. Then try to find out a tool that can test from that location. It would without a doubt present the best results for improving the performance of your website.

3. Keep Cache Turn On

To get better results, you need to turn the cache on your website. According to experts, some cache plugins do not work well after a specific time period. In this case, you need to use a good cache plugin for WP to get the best results.

Cache Turn On

4. Check The Performance Of CDN and Firewall

We know a WordPress caching plugin is enough for speeding up your website. But for security reasons or getting better performance, I recommend to use or check using CDN or Firewall. It helps to secure you from DDOS attacks and brute force attempts. The spambots will not also work if you go with CDN/Firewall. We know CDN helps to spread the static webpage around the globe easily with fast speed. So, check it also when you run a test for getting website speed stats.

5. How To Understand The Reports Of Speed Test

Now we get another important question, how will I understand the reports we get from the speed test. First of all, we need to check the load time. It is crucial for your website. It defines the speed of your site.

For this reason, you need to work following these stats. Generally, a well-optimized website opens within 2 to 5 seconds. If it goes upper than this, you have to take care here. So, follow the suggestions or tell your developer to take care of the reports by the speed test tool.

To Conclude…

Finally, we are at the finishing line. You have to take care of some other factors to speed up your website. I suggest checking this article. I have discussed image optimization right ways here. I also inspire to check cPanel security too. And if you need any support from Speed Host, you can talk with us. Never forget to share the content if it is helpful for you. Thanks.



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